Greeks Sqaure 1There are three entrances to Mdina. The main arched gateway, the back entrance and the side door which is called the Porta dei Greci, or Greeks Gate. It is thought that a small Greek community used to live in this part of Mdina, while the slaves were let into the city from this entrance. The building of Greeks Gate, including the formation of the small square which is encountered upon entry, were rebuilt in 1724 to replace the Medieval setting. Once one enters through Greeks Gate, the visitor immediately finds themselves in a small quadrangle area called Piazza dei Greci which connects to a number of bypassing arteries all leading to different parts of the city core. Dominating this square is a mixture of modest houses and larger houses belonging to nobility, particularly Palazzo Ferriol. Worthy of noting are the mural and oil paintings on the upper part of Greeks Gate, one representing the Virgin and Child with St Anne and the Blessed Trinity. The other, which is of greater interest, is a late Mannerist painting which represents the Baptism of St Publius by St Paul accompanied by St Luke.

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