de redin TNGrand Master Martino de Redin initiated an important building phase which entailed the construction of the coastal towers know as the De Redin Towers, and the building of Mdina's defenses in 1658. De Redin paid for various repairs to the citadel and curtain walls, and also started constructing a large central stronghold on the city's land front, which was designed by the Order's engineer Mederico Blondel. However, following the earthquake of 1693, the fortifications of Mdina were radically strengthened. A large bastion, erroneously known as the De Redin Bastion, was built during the reign of Grand Master Ramon Despuig in 1739. This work involved the construction of a hollow stronghold beneath St Paul's Cathedral. This particular bastion exhibits some interesting architectural features, in particular a gate which overlooks Ta' Qali which was formerly used by pedestrians to walk to the centre of Mdina. According to oral tradition, the gate was blocked when the Valletta-Mtarfa train line was closed down. In the mid-1980's the bastion was used for several Maltafest performances by numerous artistic and theatrical groups. Recently, the space acted as a theatre setting for the staging of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot".

The architectural drawing to scale (.pdf) can be downloaded by following this link.



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