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Gildas Le Reste was born in Quimper (Brittany, France) in 1958. A boarder of the Villa Medici (Rome, Italy) between 1992 and 1993, he now lives and works in Paris and Châtellerault. He is the Director of the School of Plastic Arts at Châtellerault (Vienne, France). Le Reste is a fervent supporter of engravings, and a publisher whose numerous editions reflect his passion for the arts.IMG 0924 page

For more than twenty years, Le Reste has pursued painting, moving beyond fashions, beyond the sight of time. The artist approaches a work by basing it on his relationship with time. He investigates the theme of the landscape by means of a slow process which intervenes into the notions of projection, superimposition and accumulation.

The realisation of Le Reste's paintings recall the process of argentic photography by taking advantage of the relationship between the colour and the quality of the paper to blur its vision, as the photographic grains saturate the image to render its outlines illegible.

The artist plays with the vision of the spectator by blurring parts of his paintings. It is possible that these landscapes, to the construction of which Gildas Le Reste dedicates his life, are possessed in each of the viewers.

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