Bernard-Cousinier pageBC 1Visual artist, Bernard Cousinier was born in Castres (France) in 1942. He lives and works on Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne, France).

Whether they are « pass-bulwarks », « pass-volumes », « pass-windows », bows or « pass-plans », Cousinier's works circulate around plans and volumes by incorporating a skillful set of cuts and verticality.

All his pieces are built upon geometrical drawings of the rectangle, and the latter is transformed with the intention of discarding its centripetal quality. These cuttings, produced asymmetrically, create an imbalance in the rectangle which engenders a movement that Cousinier calls the 'pass-plan'.

The encounter with architectural sites is essential for Cousinier to generate an intelligent and sensitive crossing in the thickness of the time of these particular places. His interventions are based on a logic of functioning in a patrimonial frame, by creating a timeless and minimalist work in a spirit which corresponds with colors and angles.

These visual round-trips between Cousinier's paintings and architectural sites invite the viewer to take temporal jumps between contemporaneityBCProposal and the past.

This artist has received the kind support of PSA Insurance Ltd. for their Mdina Biennale project.

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