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VM 1Born in Minsk into a family of photographers, Vadim Moskalev graduated from the International Institute of Labour and Social Affairs in Minsk in 1998. He worked as a press photographer, IT engineer and teacher. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany and in the USA. He is a member of the Russian Union of Photographers.

Vadim's career as an artist began in 1996 when he participated in the project, "Echoes of Silence" organized by the Goethe Institute Director, Vera Bogalyants, on the tenth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, visiting the exclusion zone: empty villages that people left in a few days, leaving all their belongings, including letters, photo albums... There he saw the transience of our earthly life, and everyday problems.

Since 2001, Vadim has been a member of the group "Moscow +/-". The group works by developing a consensus combining the energies of different intelligences (authors) to produce a connected and manifest coherence. It analyzes the issue of synergy: how to produce order out of chaos, i.e, something sustainable, holistic and harmonious.

Since 2009, he has been part of the art group "Workshop on the Mount", participating in a retreat (spiritual exercises) in Lithuania guided by Janez Sever, SJ. Since then, the main driving force behind his creativity is the desire to understand creation and the Creator and the spiritual dimension of all life more deeply.

Vadim considers that his most important work so far has been done in the series of projects, "Ways to Big Picture", three exhibitions, each dedicated to a specific topic, whose main objective is to help people in their search for meaning, spirituality and vocation in life.

Through this series, the artist came to a deeper understanding of the basic aspects of human life. In his works, Vadim uses images that correspond to his inner feelings and ideas about the world, dialectically combining them with a worldview of faith in the Creator

Currently he is working as the director of the IT department at the Turgeneva Library in Moscow. His work in the field of information technology is reflected in his creativity andVM 2 knowledge of the world.

His work combines the reading of the image from the perspective of the latest technologies in communion with the Scriptures:

"The world was created for me when I was born; at the moment of Christmas the world was created for all of humanity; because the pre-Christian world did not know the full Truth before Christ. Jesus Christ is the world for me, and the whole world was created with the Word of God. God is like a programmer who is creates the world with information and word. Even the text of Scripture is like programming code" (from the project, "Stars: A Way to the Big Picture").

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