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Jennifer Mallia (b.1990) obtained a Bachelor's Degree (Honours) in Fine Art from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft University (Germany) through MCAST Institute of Art and Design in Malta. She was awarded a scholarship in Rurh, Germany for an Erasmus project in 2012. Presently, Jennifer is reading for a Masters Degree in Digital Arts at the University of Malta.

Mallia's passion and interest in forensics and autopsies have led her to study science subjects. During her JMallia 2experimentations in laboratories, the macabre became appealing to her and is a major source of inspiration to her work. She delves into subjects such as poverty, spirituality, the after-life, hypocrisy, the injustice of religions and scientific developments. Through her art she expresses herself and communicates her personal experience with these subjects. Mallia gives a particular identity to her art with her choice of materials, scale and colour. Her creations also aim to make the audience think, conveying a message by raising awareness of these issues.

Mallia has exhibited both locally and internationally in solo and collective shows. Recent exhibitions include: Divergent Thinkers, Valletta, Malta; Art that Matters, Mediterranean Bank, Malta; Revolution, MCAST, Mosta, Malta; Art Takes Times Square, Times Square, New York; Unearthed, Palazzo Ferreria, Valletta, Malta; Zwiege / Twigs, Willy Brandt Park, Recklinghausen, Germany; Variations, Bianco's Restaurant, St. Julian's, Malta; Malta Design Week, Old University Building, Valletta, Malta; Seaside Impressions, Auberge D'Italie, Valletta, Malta; Flavours, MCAST, Mosta, Malta.

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