22954 pageMichael von Cube was born in 1952. He lives and works in Munich, Lower-Bavaria and Malta. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, under the tutorship of Prof. Mac Zimmermann. Von Cube’s works have been exhibited in various cities in Germany, Venice and Malta, amongst others. He was awarded the "Cité international des arts" scholarship in Paris, the scholarship of the city of Munich and a working grant from the Art Foundation, Federal Republic of Germany.

The art historian Prof. Dr. Andreas Kuehne wrote about von Cube: “For his figures increased in the grotesque, he takes the role models of generally accessible, mediated imagery as we know them from magazines, television and the Internet. Twice broken by picturesque editing they recover as it was their individuality. With seemingly light hand, drawn, painted and water colored cube Physiognomies, encounters and interiors of a world contaminated with wickedness, baseness and banality. "When does Cube find his way to a fair image of mankind?" asked Wolfgang Laengsfeldt on the occasion of an exhibition from the year 1983. His work from the 90’s until today have not lost their satirical bite. They represent the Physiognomies of a new generation of politicians, or the madness of perfectly organized holiday pleasures. The educational impetus of his paintings, which want not to teach us, but retain the distorting mirror refers to Lessing, Lichtenberg and Hogarth.”

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