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MH 1Miriam Hathout is an Egyptian painter who lives in Cairo, Egypt. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2002 with a focus on oil painting. She has held numerous solo exhibitions in Egypt and Switzerland, and group exhibitions in Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, Austria and Saudi Arabia. She loves painting the Egyptian culture, using vibrant, bright solid colors on subjects like the Egyptian countryside. She especially loves to focus on Egyptian donkeys, which she portrays as humble, intelligent, peaceful and hardworking animals. Miriam also focuses her work on the daily hectic life of the common Egyptian, who has to deal with the chaos of crowds and traffic.

Her work is a mixture between Fauvism and Impressionism, and she is not really concerned with realistic details, but rather of giving an impression using solid bold colors. She has an exceptional gift to control and form the color in her paintings to depict nature and people as they venture to perform both the mundane and significant tasks of life.

Her work is found in collections in Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United States, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Serbia, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus and Czech Republic. Her participation in the Mdina Biennale is sponsored by The Donkey Sanctuary in the United Kingdom.

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