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TD 1Born in 1977, Therese Debono started her apprentice work as a draughtsman in 1996 and went on to qualify and work as a full time draughtsman in 2000. She has worked with various local firms specialising in architectural, restoration and structural works. In 2007, Therese took up photography and since then she got her Associateship with the Malta Institute of Professional Photography in 2011. She obtained her Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Arts degree in 2015 and photography is her main medium throughout. Her preferred photographic genres are urban and architectural photography with a passion for cloudscapes.

Her work in urban photography has an open ended question: "Where are they going?". Humans fascinate her and most of her workTD 2 revolves around them. Photography helps Therese to get closer to these humans without the physical intervention. She tries to fill in the gap, between these individuals going on about their daily lives and herself, with images which strongly highlight the mundane yet also the ongoing change happening in our society.

On the other hand her interest in architecture stems from her drafting practice for the past 19 years. This has also lead her to research her thesis titled 'Representing Architecture: Under a Photographer's Gaze', where the aim of her study was to understand how photographers can represent architecture and if it is at all possible to do so over and above orthographic representations. The research also looks at how the final image represents the architect's primary design and questions the multiple layers to get to the final project.

So far Therese has exhibited her work in collective shows. The exhibition 'Private Art' organised by Malta Institute of Professional Photography at St James Cavalier was held in July 2013. She participated in an exhibition held at the PN Headquarters in Pieta in January 2015, and also in the Masters Degree show 'Axra' in July 2015.

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