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LC 1Luigi Cipollone is an Italian painter and sculptor who lives and works in Rome.LC 2

Luigi was born in Rome in 1937. He discovered painting at a very early age, and Rome offered him the opportunity to see the works of the greatest Italian artists. While still very young, he became an apprentice to the sculptor Lorenzo Ferri, then in 1954 he started studying art at the Liceo Ripetta in Rome. Here he came in contact with some of the biggest names of the artistic movement, including Guttuso, who was one of his teachers. Upon graduation in 1959, Luigi started teaching drawing and history of art at high school level. In 1960 he entered the University of Architecture in Valle Giulia. Here he discovered the world of photography and design and enjoyed working in these areas. During his long artistic career, Luigi sponsored several workshops in Rome and took part in several worldwide workshops and exhibitions.

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