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KD 1Born in 1975 in Brittany and deeply attached to her Maltese origins, Katelia became aware of the scarcity of water and understood the importance of sea territory. As a child she was scared to walk on seaweed but became amazed with the beauty of the seabed and has been scuba diving since 1994. Her DNSEP degree project at the Beaux-Arts de Rennes called "the lack of reference in the water" was centred on the sea and was made of KD 2large format digital montages.

Katelia questions the appearance of light, matter, shapes, reliefs. Wide angle shots allow her to express her feelings more accurately underwater - the feeling of weightlessness. As an observer of the landscape, she examines its structure, its guidelines, its fractures, its roughness, its curves, its movement and especially the multitude of viewpoints made possible through aquatic "levitation". She proposes a - sometimes melancholic - poetic photographic writing, in a sea which seems empty of its occupants.

Katelia works and lives in Paris where she exhibits regularly and is involved in the Parisian art community. Her permanent "besoin de mer" is manifested in all stages of her photographic production, from shooting to image processing.


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