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DE 1Damian Ebejer was born in 1961 in Somerset, England. He is a self-taught artist living and working in Malta. Damian was considered a late starter when he appeared on the local art scene with his first solo exhibition held in 1994 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta. In 2001 he left his career in the hotel industry to be able to dedicate time exclusively to his art. Since then his output has been prolific; he has worked on and organized eleven solo exhibitions and has taken part in several group collectives, the latest being held at Belgravia Gallery, London in December 2014.

A major turning point in Damian's artistic trajectory was his A Tale of Consequent Parallels exhibition in 2007 at the Gallery G, Lija, Malta. Here he displayed his first ever collection of abstract works. It is in this genre that he has continued to develop his techniques and discover new ways to explore and delve into his inspirations and innermost feelings. His works,DE 2 often shifting from the dexterous to the self-assessing to the outright spontaneous, leave an impression which is distinguishably his own. Ebejer often addresses themes reflecting the human condition and hidden memories that wait silently within the subconscious. In 2013, his 10th exhibition The Passage of Memory captured his artistic journey over the previous twenty years.

Damian's versatile artistic repertoire also led him to further his interest in mural painting. In between working on new collections and artistic projects he has been commissioned to design and paint numerous murals and ceilings in neo-classical, baroque and naïve, early medieval styles. These can be found in palaces and museums around Malta namely, Palazzo de Piro, Mdina, Palazzo Parisio, Valletta, Palazzo Falson, Mdina, Palazzo Olivier, Balzan, Palazzo Marina, Valletta, San Anard grotto chapel Lunzjata, Rabat, the Carmelite Priory, Mdina and Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta, besides private residences in Malta, Italy, England and Ireland. He looks upon these as "disciplinary work variants".

Ebejer is also a writer of poetry and has published two books of selected poems; Talks with Silent Portraits (1983) and The Divide of Silence (2011). His poetry weaves together an impulsive, image driven sensibility and clearly shows that everything affords a moment's inspiration. "...Ebejer reveals an integral human need to find the stuff of spectacle and wonder in the most humdrum realities of our lives..." (Farrugia, 2011).

Earlier this year (2015) he was designated as European Ambassador of the World Citizen Artists (WCA) which is an international non-profit organization working to promote peace and global awareness through creativity.


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