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WD 1Wiktoria Deero is an artist based in London who works in painting.

She graduated from Wimbledon College of Art, London in 2008. Her works have been continuously exhibited in the UK and in Europe since 2007.

Her paintings are full of colour, surreal, often inhabited by figures spaces that combine a deep commitment to the history of WD 2painting with a unique and personal view of the contemporary world. Built in layers of vibrant acrylic and oil washes, these technically well- conducted works depict compositions that conceal rather than reveal their subject in the materiality of paint.

Her current series of paintings explores the idea which presents the world as a space consisting of separate things and simultaneously as a reflection of energy "swirls". That "swirl" in itself is a reflection of myriad of separate and unique energy "swirls" - things of the world. This reverse polarity between the world and its reflection is the paradox and the main source of Deero's recent works.

All things are one, yet each thing is separate, individual and unique. These dreamy landscapes involve the viewer in the play between that what seems familiar and that what seems unknown, unexpected. The spaces they present seem to "float" somewhere between the sky and the forest, lakes or gardens, all of these merging and interweaving in their "swirly" dance, only to settle in and confuse the viewer's eye.

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