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DG 2Daniela Guevska was born in Bulgaria to a family of talented crafts-people and quickly developed a passion for the figurative arts. After completing her Diploma at the College of Applied Arts, she obtained her Master of Fine Arts at Velico Tarnovo University.

In 2001 she moved to Malta, where encountered the works of Caravaggio and she delved into the socio- cultural influence of the Baroque on the islandDG 1 to understand its local culture.
She has been constantly improving her own skills in classical drawing methods, working in new ways which are more adaptable to a postmodern reality – combining the Applied and Fine Arts as abstract paintings, collage, decorative panels and monochromatic murals.

In one of her latest series ''Sea Life'', she worked with acrylics, mixed media and pencil and captured the turquoise blue, light green, as well as varieties of pink, while pursuing the feelings of a joyful and humorous adventure. The other series is ''Monochromatic Large Murals'' which she created as decorative panels for large spacious interiors, made to complement minimalist indoors or for a corporate common space. In the series "Hand-Made Story Tell" she embodied elements from Bulgarian folklore, filling the works with traditions, legends, beliefs and a vast range of anthropomorphic images.

Daniela held solo exhibitions in Malta, Bulgaria and the UK, and her works are found in important private collections.

She worked in Bulgaria as National Director of the Pilot Educational Project for people coming from different communities and ethnic backgrounds. With her passionate vision of using visual arts as a non verbal way of expressing unresolved emotions and solving problems, she is determined to bring out this concept as a corporate team building training programme and as a creative method of outreach to different socio-cultural ethnic community groups.
Currently Daniela is focused on community arts projects to encourage people to fulfil their creative potential.

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