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AC 2Alexandra Carle obtained her Baccalauréat with distinction in 1993.
From 1993 to 1998 she studied at the Faculty of Plastic Arts, obtaining her Masters. In 1998 she competed for entry to the Higher National School of photography in Arles (a town near Marseilles), where she followed a 4-year course.

During the school holidays of 2001 she visited China for the first time. She concluded her studies at ENSPA in May 2002. Alexandra went to China for a second visit in September 2002 to continue the work she had begun in 2001. Through her photography, she wanted to illustrate/showcase the persons she had met and this country that had begun to change on all fronts.

In October 2002 she visited Sardegna, where she also wished to carry out a similar project, being the island where her grandparents and mother were born. She was much attached to her Sardinian roots, though her father is French.
In November 2002, Alexandra spent long days preparing her portfolios of photographs brought back from China and Sardegna.

On 13 November 2002 she was the victim of a fatal car accident.

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