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AEG 1Born in Rennes, France in 1963, Anne Guillotel lives and works in Paris and Bagnolet.

The spatial representation of the rhythms of time is a constant preoccupation of art. Poussin's device was the visualisation of the changing seasons; eighteenth-century painters made use of vanitas emblems; late medieval and Early Renaissance artists arranged biblical scenes on predella panels in chronological order. Anne Guillotel's approach to the time-space relationship is to fuse all of these perspectives together. Her paintings convey a sense of something at once strange, unusual and intriguing, which is due to the nature of her ambitious project, that of establishing the closest of links between space and time to materially condense them into one unified whole. Whether (re)presenting a narrative or as an exercise in spatio-temporal experimentation, each painting blends the individual elements into the whole: time into space, space into time.

Anne Guillotel's work is carefully thought out, intellectual, almost metaphysical and draws on the fundamental notions of human thought processes and development. The impact of both time and space is transcribed in a quasi-scientific manner which underpins the absolutely poetic formal aspect. Her graphical representations aspire to condensing precise units of time, and that interest is served by a pure unadorned technique, smooth brushstrokes and highly calculated 'placings'.

The sense of accurateness is furthered by the choice of and coordination between colours. Light is reflected and capturedAEG 2 by colours. Moreover, we are in the presence of a light beyond light, akin to a glow, an aura exuded by each figure, situation or landscape. In all likelihood the powerful feeling of experiencing a time concentrate in a delineated space issues from this very light and its articulation with the lines of composition structuring her work. This particular space-time-light radiates a sense of infinity. Although the work of Anne Guillotel is extremely balanced and tightly constructed, on viewing it we are drawn towards cliff-edge vertigo and thence to the threshold of time.

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