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SC 1Salvatore Calì is an Italian artist whose is interested in what he calls digital performance. Born in Sicily, near Etna, in 1966, he studied physics but left the course of studies to pursue art.

Over the last fifteen years life and artistic production have taken him from Milan, to the Tuscia region near Rome, to Sicily and to Malta, where he currently resides.

He has created various installations and participated in art fairs and events. Calì received the Gallery Prize at the Turini Photissima Festival in November 2014.In 2015 he was awarded the Artegiro Artist Residency. Part of his itinerant residency project will take him to significant Mediterranean locations where he will further advance his research around notions of origin and the relationship between art, nature and territory.

Calì's work has attracted enormous interest on many other occasions, among which the 2014 Set Up edition, Bologna as well as being chosen together with another two artists by the selection committee for the upcoming MIA Fair 2015 to take place in Milan in April 2015.

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