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AG 1Agatha Grima (b. 1965) studied art and painting from an early age and she trained at the Malta School of Art. Her preliminary training in art came through portraiture and classical reproductions of the Masters. In 2004 she was awarded a First Class Honours degree in painting conservation by the University of Malta and a prize for the best dissertation .That year, her participation in the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Congress (IIC) entitled 'Modern Art, New Museum', in Bilbao, Spain and her experience of the Guggenheim Museum, spurred a spontaneous reaction towards art in a modern context. It was during this time that Agatha started creating her own art as a means of self-contemplation. Her involvement in workshops and studies in ancient techniques and material properties helped her follow this path.

As Director and Conservator of her co-founded company, Agatha supervised and managed conservation projects. She was responsible for scientific tailoring of conservation treatments for major works including projects at St. John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta. She is a professional involved actively in the field through continued research, the presentation of projects through public and private lectures and continuous interaction with the media.

In 2012, Agatha resigned directorship to further pursue her career in art and conservation. A number of her major works now form part of both private and corporate collections including the APS Bank collection and the Bieganski Collection. Apart from featuring in local solo and collective exhibitions, her work has featured in Paris and New York.

Her writings have been published by IIC and by Fondazzjoni Partimonju Malti in 'Treasures of Malta', and she contributes to the Arts and Culture section at eve.com.mt.AG 2

"In life my actions have always been very strongly influenced by others' needs and opinions and the sometimes troubled and unjust world around me. Only here, in my studio/workshop, facing my canvases, I stand in all my essence as just myself, with no expectations and no pretenses. And here, I am in my element, probably through the knowing of my materials but also through the knowing that my work can take me to stupendous places."


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