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DP1 1D.Priyanka is an Indian artist who has received recognition for her installations and oil paintings. She was born in a small town in Bhiwani, India, in 1978. At the age of 11 her family shifted to the metropolitan capital city of India, New Delhi. 

After receiving a formal education she studied visual arts at the College of Arts in New Delhi from 1996 to 2002 where she specialized in painting. Shortly after she began to study under the legendary Indian artist A.Ramachendren, who taught her how to perceive objects creatively. Under his guidance she discovered her own path and soon gained recognition among art lovers and galleries.In her own words 'I was never taught what to paint or how to paint but I was taught how to perceive and and how to feel.....'. His teaching remains D.Priyanka's source of inspiration till today.

Early influence came from childhood experiences which were filled with lush green nature and cosmic filled nights. Though nature still remains the greatest inspiration, the perception of visualisation has changed with time and experience. It has now narrowed down to small organic objects which consist of incredible forms and shapes hidden inside layers upon layers. As the artist herself explains 'one can feel the whole universe inside the smallest organic object lying quietly on the roadside, if observed carefully you will feel the power of the creator and no artist with human capability can match the beauty of God's creation'.

Priyanka has travelled extensively in the Himalayan forests , an experience which has served as artistic and spiritual inspiration. She feels a spiritual freedom when surrounded by untouched nature. She believes that viewers can connect with her work because subconsciously it is connecting them to the power of nature.

Priyanka has been regularly invited to participate in important exhibitions, residencies and art fairs.In 2002 she was awardedDP2 2 for Rajiv Jain award for the best artist, in 2005 she was selected to render the illustration for the book for B.A.S.I.C.S in the USA. She received critical acclamation for her performances like 'I can't leave the threads of my golden past'(2008) and 'No more Priyanka' (2012). In these performances she explored her relationship with nature and her past.

Today she lives and works in New Delhi with her husband and her son, who constantly remain the pillars of her strength and the partners in her journey of discovery of known and unknown.

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