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AC 2Adam Chang was born in Shanghai in 1960. He graduated from the Art College of Shanghai University in 1992 and moved to Australia in 1997. He now works and lives in Sydney.
During the 1980s Adam combined Chinese freehand brush work with ink features as well as European painting techniques into his art forms, creating an idiom which was avant-garde for post-cultural revolution Chinese context.

In 1987 Adam's work "Chinese landscape No.10"was selected for the Shanghai International Arts Festival at Shanghai Art Museum. After that, in 1989, Adam's work "Chinese landscape No.15" was selected for the 7th National Fine Arts Exhibition hosted by the National Art Museum of China. Just after 1990, Adam abandoned this painting style and devoted his studies toAC 1 Western European art. After 17 years of research and discussion on Western art, Adam returned to his neatly divided aesthetic of Chinese ink combined with Western art which created a new art style. He created large-scale paintings using a single colour, which conveyed a magnificent visual impact to the viewer.

In 2011 Adam's exhibition "Mao, Terracotta Army& Myself" was held at China Link Gallery, Sydney. In the same year his work "Portrait of John Coetzee" won the Archibald Prize 2011 People's Choice Award at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australia. In 2012, his "Portrait of Charles Teo" was acquired by the National Portrait Gallery. Since then, Adam's works such as "Portrait of Ai weiwei", "Ink Flavor" and "Mao with Terracotta Army" were exhibited in major galleries. In 2014, Adam's exhibition "Situation" was shown at Art Equity Gallery.


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