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NS 1The sculptor Nicolas Sanhes is a recognised artist working in metal and is the creator of several monumental works. He was born in Rodez (1965), the homeland of eminent French artist Pierre Soulages. He attended the School of Fine Arts of Perpignan (1984-89).

Sanhes worked, between his two studios at Rodez and Saint-Quentin-les-Yvelines, on morphologies and structures where the NS 2steel eventually prevails and the colour white becomes a representation of the soul of the structure's geometry. The artist's imagination and technical aptitude of metal create a remarkable aesthetic, where every realised part is synthesised into a huge calligraphic monument. His works are born out of rigorous drawings which are powerful, enigmatic, fascinating, and these are placed in dialogue with natural landscapes and the day's light processes, set against the silence, nothingness and chaos revealed by open space.

Sanhes's drawings are not only explorations for the creation of his sculptures but are also works in themselves. The plans are digitised, printed and assembled. They allow the artist to create new poetic and imaginary territories.

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