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AH 1André Hogommat was born in 1925 in Nantes. He lives and works in Clichy and Granville.

After attending the School of Fine Arts of Nantes in 1945, Hogommat enrolled at the School of Fine Arts of Paris, working in Marcel Gimond's studio, in 1950. He won the Susse Prize in 1960. Hogommat has for 55 years created original representational works which have been exhibited in both personal and collective exhibitions. His solo shows were held in Paris in 1979, 1984, 1993, 2001 and 2007. Group exhibtions include those at Mount Marsan Museum in 1975, Bourdelle Museum in 1982, Palais de Tokyo in 1962 and the Rodin Museum in 1962. Hogommat's sculptural œuvre also consists of monumental realisations; La Rose des Sables in Angers, 1975 ; Despiau Prize, 1974 and Evariste Jonchère Prize, 1995. He spent 25 years teaching at the School of Fine arts of Nîmes.

Hogommat's works exude a humanism which is communicated by the seizure of a singular movement, an expression of life AH 2that transcends the characters which he sculpts.

Since 2000, Hogommat has dedicated himself to the regular realisation of renewed and intimate works.

This artist has received the kind support of PSA Insurance Ltd. for their Mdina Biennale project.

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