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sdemeurville 2Born in 1956 in Paris, Sylvie de Meurville lives and works in Paris and Friville (Picardy).

She is interested in the relationship between landscapes and the body, specifically in the similarities within their fragility.
To the artist, the folds of nature, the earth's crust, seem like a skin which shivers.
It is paradoxically in mineral forms that she feels the pulsations of life, in the curves of hills, faults and volcanic pressures.

In de Meurville's recent works, this relationship expresses itself in small landscapes realised from creased papers. Fire and light, are SDM 2territories convenient to mental walks, opened up to motionless exploration.

She often makes reference to the sculptures of Bernini, where drapes become abstract structures which lead the viewer to gaze at the subject. This restless envelope transcribes the feelings of the being that it dresses.

The creased papers are mostly used as bases to resin moulds. In other cases, as in the installation Dreamed Mountain, the paper is supported by an image, and retains its transparency. The thrown images are chosen in the paints of the Renaissance, where a mountainous background shows relations between the mystical and the natural present in most religions.

This artist has received the kind support of PSA Insurance Ltd. for their Mdina Biennale project.

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