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KL 1Kacha Legrand was born in 1960 in France. She lives and works in Rouen (France).

Her practice in drawing, sculpture and video has allowed her to build a relationship with the world.
The relationship which she maintains with drawing is translated by a continuation of simple movements, layouts and superimpositions. The 'Assemblies' develop from surface crossings which allow her to personally explore notions of transparency and intensity. Her searches are based on an attraction to horizontality and verticality and on the multiple intersections which KL 02bring shapes and forms to the foreground.

The artist creates centred, almost hypnotic spaces, where the psychological feeds on a contained energy which opens up to the interiority of the material. The way she approaches colour can seem unambiguous. In reality, red is not treated as a simple colour but as an energy which becomes simultaneously dense, luminous, vibrant, emotive or deep. The "Assemblies" are composed and recomposed ceaselessly, crossing junctures of time and of space. The characteristic red colour makes them transcend into passion, blood, flesh, vibrations and inner materiality.

Legrand's drawings are monochrome volumes which are anchored in reality and are, somewhat, revelations of space. They align and cross themselves or add up to her sculptures, creating points of view, perspectives, spaces of circulation, deceptive spaces and heights, shadows and lights.

Naked and skinned, her monolithic sculptures, with their silent character, make reference to steles, to minimalist architecture. A whiteness wraps them which converses with our inner silence and which suggests a stretching of time. The peace which emanates from there resonates in their capacity to suspend and immobilise time. The whiteness is spotless and seems to extract the sculptures from reality, to re-question the question of the sacred.

When Legrand works with video, she creates complex relationships between space and movement. The themes investigate natural components - water, stone, trees - and are the pretext to a cosmogony of our relationship to the world and to its essential and founding elements.

This artist has received the kind support of PSA Insurance Ltd. for their Mdina Biennale project.

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