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DT2Darren Tanti (b.1987) is an emerging artist renowned for his technically accomplished and thematically loaded paintings. Darren graduated as a teacher of art from the University of Malta in 2009 and in 2013 he was awarded a Masters of Fine Art in Digital Arts with distinction from the Department of Digital Arts at the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta. Presently, Darren teaches art in state colleges and lectures within the Department of Digital Arts and DegreePlus at the University of Malta. He also lectured art at the Junior College (University of Malta).

Darren took part in a number of collective exhibitions. In 2006, Darren exhibited in Anti-Clockwise, an exhibition organized by EdukArti and the University of Malta. In 2009, under the supervision of Dr. Raphael Vella, he took part in VII a collective exhibition organized by students of art education as part of their final year of studies. In 2010, he exhibited in Tluq, a literary evening organized by Inizjamed and Versatili as part of Evenings on campus (UoM). In 2011, Darren represented Malta as a visual artist for the 15th edition of the 'Biennial of young artists from Europe and Mediterranean' held in Thessaloniki (Greece). Other exhibitions include Omen (first solo exhibition – 2012) and the collective exhibitions I draw (2012) curated by Anton Grech and Traces of Traces (2012) curated by Patrick Fenech. In 2013, Tanti participated in DA01, a collective exhibition organised by the students of the MFA in Digital Art and curated by Vince Briffa. In the same year he participated and worked on the project called Din Mhix Tazza and in the collective exhibition Human, hosted by Blitz Gallery. After participating in Divergent Thinkers II (2013), Darren was awarded an artist residency at the VCCA, USA.


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