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PeintureVideoRecto-Verso1Vincent Côme’s work is an abstract look at stacks of archaeological remains, the evidence that different civilizations that have succeeded each other on the same soil.It talks about the act of renewal through destruction, through overlay and overshadow, to a final reconstruction, atop the footprints of the past. The "last" stratum has the role of a "conquistador", bearer of power, and holder of dominating ideas. This last layer covers up all the others, but didn't those earlier layers once behave in the very same way as the one that hides them now?

His work speaks of renewal in understanding the very foundation of renewal claims to be the renaissance of foundations of the past.The colours are people, people from the past, people who have disappeared, people who became integrated with the last ones, the ones who dominated. We rebuild where others have built, we sanctify those same spots that had been destined at other times to be sanctified.MersLesBains2

In recent years, since producing a series of video installations, Côme has postponed some of his work in drawing and painting. With some artists, he founded in 2010 a publishing house called Friville Éditions (Friville-editions.org) devoted to the publication of works of artists and the organization of artistic events.


This artist has received the kind support of PSA Insurance Ltd. for their Mdina Biennale project.

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