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Photo of Karim Abd El Malak2Karim Abd Elmalak graduated in graphic design from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Minia University. He is an illustrator for local Egyptian magazines, Sabah El Kheir & Rosalyoussef, as well as being the Art & Managing Director for Red Box Advertising Agency. He is a practicing sculptor.

Karim was a participant in the 1st Child's Biennale workshop "Fantasia 1", in Cairo in 2003. He received a silver medal in the international competition at the "Shankers World Association" in 1993 in India. The artist has held several exhibitions, including showings at the Cairo Gallery, Cairo, Ahmad Shawky Museum, Cairo, Mahmoud Said Museum, Alexandria, the Black & White Exhibition, Cairo, Gallery Grant, Cairo, Ebdaa Art Gallery, Cairo, Degas Gallery, Alexandria, and the Modern Art Museum, Cairo.


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